All Debts Paid plus Abundance for Every Good Work

My Story

I chased after financial means for myself and ministry for many years; perhaps you can relate? Bringing low cost water wells to the ancient Tribe of Maasai and a simple herbal cure for Malaria in Africa were the humanitarian goals, but the funding by self sacrifice and a few friends wasn't nearly enough.

It was in 2008 that I had my first shocking encounter with God's plan of prosperity. I was complaining to God that healing and salvation could be brought to millions, if only I had enough money. Suddenly, there was a voice speaking to my spirit, "Really!"

Immediately my mind went into a vision: Bowing to a pink piggy bank that set upon an altar, I was saying, "Oh, great piggy bank may I have enough money..." I broke from the vision and said, "God that is insulting."

The reply came, "Yes, and don't ever do it again!"

Thus, I began my new search for the truth concerning provision. This has brought me to some unexpected encounters within myself and others.

It has now been revealed to me the meaning of Romans 8:18-19 saying, "creation eagerly awaits". The water waited under the rock for Moses until the appointed time. And so it was with the coin in the fish's mouth.

At this very moment in time the promised abundance for every good work is manifesting for those who have ears to hear. Accept your invitation.

This global reset has been in the making for more than a decade. However, in a matter of days virtually every currency of the world is going to change overnight in the largest financial upheaval in history. The USA will have a new gold backed currency, and the old Federal Reserve Notes will be devalued. Many will panic, but Believer's who prepare will experience a great financial breakthrough.
Leonard Heatherly, December 2014
Land of Lack

An insufficient supply of money hampers most every Christian ministry in the world today. With prayers a plenty the struggle remains, and plans for upgrading, outreach and expansion succumbs to the dominance of the land of financial lack.

It's Not about Money

I realized that day that it's not about money. I knew that a revelation was being born. While I comprehended these simple words on an intellectual level, it was some time before they forged a great change within me. This story is about my new search for the truth concerning provision. I hope my journey helps you find your place in the field.

"Spread the light!"

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