"Call of the Kingdom Blessing"

to be debt free and have an abundance for good works
(through God's plan for His Kingdom on earth)
that is well within the reach of virtually everyone


Nearly all the people of the world feel the desperate struggle of our times and most of them have become faint of heart. Some blindly hide behind religious walls, and fear drives others to a survival mode while they wait in dwindling hope.

The news is filled financial doom; the lack of real value of its currency (FRNs) has placed the United States of America at the edge of a depression more drastic than the 1930's. The chain affect of falling dominos has begun. Now many economic forecasts proclaim that worldwide collapse is imminent.


There are Christians who are hearing a call to GLORY, for "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth..." With vision of a glorious future, these Kingdom Warriors know it is time to take their place in the field, proclaiming a domain wherein goodness overcomes evil.

"In a matter of days unimaginable amount of financial resources are to be released, and thousands of Believers are establishing provision for their place in the Kingdom on earth."

God is not surprised by the impending economic collapse for it is in His purpose to turn us toward Restoration. It is my great honor to not only proclaim God's glorious plan, but to help implement its bountiful provision for those who have ears to hear.

"God has set forth more financial provision than we have dared to dream! In the first Quarter of 2015, the 500th Shemitah and 70th Jubilee, all debts may be paid for millions of individuals, communities of faith and even nations, providing bountiful provision for good works as prerequisite to the Kingdom age."

The Kingdom has come whereby goodness overcomes evil.

Leonard Heatherly
Steward of Provision

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"Spreading the light!"

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