The Blessing of Interesting Times
"Be not discouraged; God has made provision to overcome evil with good."

Many perish from the lack of knowledge of what God is doing and what the enemy is doing. Don't be left behind; don't be robbed by doubt and unbelief. This is for those who have ears to hear and who will boldly embrace the multiplication.


Evil has intensified to keep Believers in the land of lack proceeding with diabolical plans of economic collapse. Fear not! God has prepared great financial blessings ready and able to overcome these tough times. By His design, billions of dollars are being released into the Kingdom on earth.

The church must awaken to this opportunity and come into agreement with God's plan, making provision for goodness to overcome evil!

Debts Paid - Abundance for Good Works - Great Harvest Begins
Not Hypothetical * Nor Theoretical * Rock Solid Sure

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