WHY do I do this? Because, I would like every Kingdom Warrior to know.

Escape the Land of Lack

Fellow Christians,

Blessed by a dear friend a few years ago (October 2011), I was urged to look into the impact that Babylon was going to make upon our future. I started out skeptical, but discernment won out. By careful study and foremost by the leading of the Spirit, I became aware of an even larger venue where every financial system in the world is being shaken. The world was struggling with a cabal of financial corruption (evil) and drastic measures would be required to save economies and lives worldwide.

Confident that "Goodness Wins," I found that God had a plan from the beginning to bring forth financial means (like water from a rock in the wilderness) for His purpose at this time. There would be a sudden large multiplication of certain currencies, so I positioned myself and assisted some friends to prosper in this extraordinary financial shift. The date and degree was uncertain, but its coming was inevitable. Having prepared ourselves for more than 1000 to 1 increase, I thought we could just set back and wait.

Then, something happened similar to the surgery that God did on my heart in October 1995. Until that time, I had been content with the eternal security of me and mine, then suddenly I was propelled onto an alter crying out for the lost. Since, many opportunities have opened in my community, across this nation and overseas. And now, I see opportunity coming to reach millions of people. But, I have gotten ahead of myself...

Similar to an evangelistic call, recently I have shared much more the "Call of the Kingdom Blessing" - to be debt free and have an abundance for good works that is well within the reach of virtually everyone. More than a hundred Christian individuals, ministries and businesses shall prosper in this as a result. Some have made provision to be debt free and escape the land of lack, while others have gone even further to establish Wealth Centers to significantly change the world around them.

I believe the fruition of this blessing is now only days away, but there is still time for more Believers to participate. More Christians need to be set free from the land of lack and financially empowered to take their place in the field. Study this website (http://goodnesswins.us) and find out HOW.

Leonard Heatherly
Steward of Provision
Resident of Rockwood, TN
March 13, 2015