IRQD-RV: Iraqi Dinar Re-Valuation

Which currency note is worth more?

10,000 Iraqi Dinar
1 USD worth 1000 times
more than 1 Dinar

1 Dinar worth 3 to 5 times
more than 1 USD

$10,000 US Dollars

With the expected increase,
the 10,000 Iraqi Dinar would be worth much more than the $10,000 US bill.

*NOTE: This is a speculative value. Investors should always have both the ability to invest and knowledge of the risks.

August 2, 1990, Saddam Hussein's Iraqi military forces began an attack upon the oil fields of Kuwait. In the days that followed the oil production of Kuwait was destroyed. The Kuwaiti currency fell from $3.55 in value before the war to about $0.05 in value. However, within another 1 year and half the Kuwaiti currency was restored to more than its original value. Only a few citizens were aware of that extraordinary profit opportunity.

Later in August of 1990, the United Nations began sanctions against Iraq. As a result, the Iraqi Dinar plunged from previous value of $4.20 to below 1 penny. In the international realm it has been known that the value of the Iraqi Dinar would at some point be restored, and tremendous profits made.

Meanwhile, a few ordinary citizens became aware that the Re-Valuation was inevitable with multiplication into the thousands. As a result, Christians saw this as an opportunity to become debt free and to have abundant provision for ministry. News of this extraordinary financial provision is being spread through Christian networks.

Iraqi has apparently met all conditions, and according to published reports the United Nations is preparing to restore Iraqi. The International Monetary Organization will set the Re-Valuation of IRQD. The key questions are:

        • What is the date of the RV?

        • What is the rate of the RV?
A financial system called Basel III is to be applied in determining the value of the IRQD in terms of hard assets of the country. Dr. Shabbi, head of the Central Bank of Iraq, said that a Basel III approach would give the IRQD a value of $58 per Dinar; this rate might be too high causing serious financial ripples all over the world. More conservative estimates are from $1 to $8 per Dinar. There have been many struggles among the major players (Iraqi, USA, China, IMO, UST, etc.) over the rate and date. The Internet posts opinions that greatly vary. Apparently, anyone who actually knows might be charged with insider trading if they were to reveal it.

However, I, Leonard Heatherly, am not banker, currency dealer or financial expert. So, my estimates are from common sense and spiritual discernment. This writer looked at the potential RV in October 2011 and expected the rate to be in the range of $3 to $4 per Dinar. After 3 and 1/2 years of watching and waiting, I believe this will happen in the 1st Quarter of 2015.