How to Receive Your Gift

Effective October 7, 2014:

The first (by date and time noted) 40 people to email their agreement/request will receive this gift of currency to be revalued with a minimum expectation of $10,000. To be considered valid, the email is to include your legal name, email address, and street address (telephone number optional). In the body of your email agree that this gift is to prosper a Christian endeavor and name or descibe the Christian ministry that is to be benefited by this gift. Specify if you want to have the "gifting" made directly to the ministry (for tax purposes).

Send this information to trustmanager@email.com with the subject marked "10K GIFT."

A 5,000 Iraqi Dinar and a gift letter will be mailed to your address.
While it was purchased for a nominal cost is expected to be re-valued suddenly to near $4 per Dinar. The actual value to a non-profit ministry may be $20,000.

Some currencies will experience increases greater than Dinar.

Time is critical...

The current expectation is for the global reset to happen in the 1st Quarter of 2015. Once the reset has happen this gifting will no longer be possible.

If you would like to sponsor others to receive such a gift or if you personally would like to become debt free through this extraordinary provison, contact trustmanager@email.com urgently.

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