Become Debt Free

A very thirsty man stumbled into a cabin escaping from parching heat. There he found a pump, a sign and one lifesaving jar of water. The sign warned: "Do NOT drink this water. Use it to prime the pump."

There was a strong impulse to drink the water and quench his immediate thirst. Yet if the pump could be trusted, there could be more than enough water to sustain him.

There are some decisions that will greatly affect the rest of our lives. Choose well!

For more than a million Believers' the impending revaluation of currencies represents an opportunity for the greatest sudden increase in personal wealth in history. There are excellent prospect of about $100 worth of carefully chosen currency will be worth $300,000 or more in the near future . That would be sufficient for most to become debt free and be sustained for a life time. Moreover, there are opportunities to create wealth for every good work.

Of course, almost anyone would want to be debt free. However, it requires trust and short term sacrifice as well as a willingness to take a risk. The unknowns are: (1) the exact date of the Re-Valuation; (2) and the rate of Re-Valuation; and (3) might a terrific calamity disrupt this event.

Most importantly, one might ask, "What is the Spirit of God leading me to do?"

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