For someone whom you might buy a nice gift for Christmas, birthday or graduation, would it not be awesome to give them a modest amount of foreign currency that is expected to increase in value to $10,000 or more. It would be given anonymously, never divulging the identity of the "giver" unless you chose to reveal yourself. And, what if this extraordinary gift costs only $15?


Doubt: I probably can't help your unbelief; some people just can't believe outside their box. I can tell you that a network of more than 1 million individuals, communities and ministries are in for a lot more than $10,000. I personally know many dozens of Believers who are expecting to become debt free and fund many good works. I have been intensely involved for more than 40 months, and I place my name on my work. My overview of the circumstances that created this opportunity is published on this web page link.

Risk: The chance of winning $10,000 in a lottery is less than 1 in 150,000. My estimate of success in this case is about 99+ percent. However, I do not know the exact date or amount of the increase in value of the currency - I believe it is only a matter of a few days and multiplication by 1,000 or more is very likely. If you estimate the risk as higher, perhaps you have done more foolish things with $15.

Leap: In the 4th Century BC the Hebrew faced grave conditions in the parched wilderness. But, as surely as the rock waited from the time of creation for Moses to act in faith and bring forth a river of water, the spoils of Babylon have waited until now to bless God's Kingdom on earth. Thank you Jesus; there's a lot more to say, but in this case, let's keep this simple and fun.

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