The Riches of Babylon: Provision for the Harvest

Time is critical!
The world is being shaken, and every Believer is being called to participate in bringing forth the Kingdom in the last days. Abundant financial means is being released from the region known in Biblical times as Babylon and into the Kingdom on earth as provision for the Great Harvest of the last days.

August 2, 1990, Saddam Hussein's Iraqi military forces began an attack upon the oil fields of Kuwait. This set in motions a series of events that is rocking the financial systems worldwide.

The International Monetary Organization in conjunction with the UN are now poised to make a major redistribution of wealth to evert an international collapse. This creates a timely opportunity for tremendous profits with multiplication in the thousands.

World economic crisis has forced the "powers that be" into a global realignment that is to take place in a matter of days. This is based in the restoration of Iraq and its dinar, creating a re-distribution of wealth never before possible.

Thus, God has set in place an immediate opportunity for Believers to have greater financial provision than ever dreamed with all debts paid and abundant provision.